We are committed to promote the care for environments and rank Sustainability Roadmap high among our 2021 business goals and beyond. Our environmental management includes reducing energy, waste, water consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as complying with international standards on the use of chemicals.

Universal Apparel Group will be strengthening the sustainable practices as we believe that our strategies devoted to sustainability that we pursue will lead to a better environment for our future generations and society.

Universal Apparel Group is using Higg Facility Environmental Module (Higg FEM) as a guiding roadmap to achieving environmental management requirements.


Reduce energy consumption by 20% by using more renewable energy


Sustainable use of water and reduce the use of new water by 20%

Waste Water

None of our processes released into nature


Dispose of waste from the production process according to the law and not released into nature. With advanced manufacturing technology, we focus more on 3Rs “Recycle, Reduce and Reuse”.


Control dust in the production system and there is no production process that emit pollutants into the air.

Chemical Management

ZDHC Compliance Certification continues with the current RSL/MRSL Compliance Certification, and there is no 12 Banned chemicals.

Greenhouse Gas Emission

Use the new generation R32 refrigerant for energy saving and environmental protection. Does not affect ozone in the Earth's atmosphere




The CFO is recognized as an important tool in quantifying and reporting GHG emissions and removals from an organization’s activities and is applicable for both public and private organizations (i.e. Government agencies, industries, and services).
The CFO can deliver explicit reporting, international standardized verification, and utility basis in setting an organization’s GHG emissions reduction target, management, and conducting GHG reduction initiatives at various levels, including organization, sector, and country.
Apart from that, the CFO can also expand its role to promote a low-carbon concept for the organization or low emission products manufacturing by improving its facilities and practice as well as carbon offsetting.

Asset 20222

            Universal Group has follow with Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization) or TGO, as the state agency responsible for promotion of mitigation actions and management of GHG emissions in the country, has developed “Thailand Voluntary Emission Reduction Program” or “T-VER” as a mechanism to encourage voluntary mitigation actions in Thailand which generate certified reduction and/or removal, also known as “carbon credits.”

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